Month: May 2020

McDVOICE is in dilemma because of COVID-19

In recent weeks, three of McDonald’s employees in Los Angeles have tested positive for COVID-19. This includes two employees at Crenshaw 2838 in West Adams and one at 950 W. Floral Drive in Monterey Park. These employees claim that management did not provide protective equipment and did not report the health status of its employees on time. These actions sparked protests at SoCal McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants across the state.

In a demonstration by labor rights organization Fight For $ 15, employees of Burger King, Taco Bell, Domino, and other chains called for safety measures such as masks, gloves, and soap, as well as unsafe wages and paid days off.

Angélica Hernández, a Monterey Park McDonald’s employee, said employees turned to management in mid-March and found that safety protocols and equipment to protect workers were missing. On March 20, three employees quit their jobs and accused management of not taking their concerns seriously. On April 10, other Monterey Park employees resigned and asked management to do more to protect their employees from COVID-19, closed the store for a thorough cleaning, and closed workers for two people. Quarantine Numbers. Weeks.

According to Hernández, management has not issued safety guidelines for employees since the pandemic began. In recent weeks, protest organizers said the anonymous Monterey Park employee continued to work on March 30, displaying symptoms before being asked to leave the company. It is unknown when the hospital worker tested positive, but a Fight For $ 15 spokesperson said that employees were only informed of their employee nine days after symptoms appeared.

McDVOICE Rules and Regulations

Some of the basic rules and regulations of conducting the McDVOICE Survey at are as follows

  1. You can participate in the McDVOICE only at the site address No other survey portal or no other website is affiliated to the McDVOICE Survey.
  2. You must enjoy the services of the McDonald’s at least once before reviewing the services and products of the McDonald’s in McDVOICE.
  3. The age of each and every participant of the McDVOICE must be above 18.
  4. If you are making an attempt to conduct this survey, it is mandatory that you are the legal and valid resident of the USA.
  5. Your purchase receipt must be stamped with the survey code. This survey code is key for you participate in the McDVOICE.

I have my children at home, says Hernández in Spanish. “You are not going to school now. Fear of coming home with a contagious disease. I will hardly work at all with the possibility of infecting my family. You will not care for the workers at the same time. We are at high risk of helping La The company will continue to operate in this crisis. We have to take care of ourselves. ”

West Adams McDonald employee Verli Godinez tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. Last week Godinez worked on this mask franchise. Another anonymous employee at the same store also posted positive results on March 31. Authorities accuse management of not informing them until April 4.

The government temporarily closed the site on Wednesday afternoon. The workers also requested a two-week quarantine allowance and a meeting with management to address safety concerns before returning to work.

Earlier this week, West Adams McDVOICE employees called for the same protection and compensation for workers. His protest was canceled by the police because the protesters blocked the entrance with their cars. “The strike and the challenge are to quarantine the company (West Adams), clean and disinfect the company I work for,” said Bartolome Pérez. “We also demand that they pay full quarantine. McDonald’s is made up of workers, not the CEO or the owners. Stop risking our lives and respect our dignity.”

Understanding the fine print of the MyPrepaidCenter Cards

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to give as a Christmas gift, and that is one of the reasons why gift cards are so popular. A survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation found that 81% of vacation shoppers plan to buy at least one gift card. On average, shoppers spend $ 163 on this type of card, or just under $ 30 billion. This is 4% more than in the previous year and the highest value in the eleven years of the survey.

Interestingly, a much smaller percentage of people, 59%, said they would like to receive a gift card.

Tell me about some 40% gift card types that say stupid things. The reason is that sometimes I don’t use the cards that people sent me. An unused gift card is a boon to the company you purchased it from (and I think there is a certain percentage of people who don’t redeem it), but not to the person who received it. Cards may also expire and an inactivity fee may be charged on an unused card.

MyPrepaidCenter Objectives

Some of the prime objectives of introducing the MyPrepaidCenter into the market are as follows:

  1. To help the customers to get rid of waiting in the queues just to make the payments of their purchase. The users of the MyPrepaidCenter Card can easily make their payments online within a few seconds.
  2. These cards eliminate the need for visiting the bank again and again to check the details like the transaction history, account balance, account statement, etc.
  3. MyPrepaidCenter online portal sends the notifications of the due dates again and again to each and every user. Thus, the user avoids the penalties of late payment if he is using this online portal.
  4. MyPrepaidCenter is the most secure and most user-friendly way for each and every user who wishes to make their payments just by sitting on their couch.
  5. The Meta Bank has made sure that registering on the online portal is extremely easy. Thus, it enhances the user-friendliness of the MyPrepaidCenter Card.

The good news is that in 2010 the Federal Trade Commission introduced new rules that prevent the sale of a five-year expiration card and that issuers have to wait a year before evaluating downtime. The rules also require that the expiration date and all fees be printed on the card, but that doesn’t stop people like me from throwing the card in a drawer and forgetting it for a year or two.

If there is a physical card, I want it to be registered so I can continue to use the money if it is lost or stolen.

For example, at Starbucks you can register your card so that if you lose it, you can get a new one and transfer all your credit. You can also repair your caffeine using the company’s smartphone app, so you don’t need a card in your wallet. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I’m trying to limit the number of MyPrepaidCenter cards in my wallet so it’s not too big and reduce the effort of canceling and replacing cards if my wallet is lost or stolen. becomes.

Just save each gift card as soon as you receive it so you don’t forget it.

Christmas is still a few weeks away, but we are already in the center of Hanukkah. So if you’re thinking of one last Hanukkah gift (or postponing your Christmas gifts until December 25 or just before December 25), an electronic MyPrepaidCenter gift card may be the only way to redeem it in time. But if so, what do you put next to the menorah or under the tree?

One of my favorite Christmas gifts, especially for teens, is an investment in Kiva or MicroPlace.

TalktoWendys is promoting itself on the social media in the most effective way

Facebook has refused to fill its website with catchy animated banners for a decade. Zuckerberg thought this could hinder and improve the user experience. After reaching ubiquity and getting users accustomed to video ads, the company said today that it is streamlining its standards and allowing companies to post GIFs in the form of ads and page contributions.

Brazilian brands Wendy, Kuat, and Coca-Cola are the first companies to share them. Wendy’s ad shows lettuce under construction, while Keats is essentially Nyan Cat’s Poptart memo of a punch to the face.

TalktoWendys on Facebook

Facebook GIFGIFF ads don’t show up in expired Facebook sidebar ratings, but only in the advertised posts that make up the majority of the ads in your feed.

The social network began helping GIFs with user contributions in May but did not allow companies to experiment with the modern graphics swap format that all children encounter.

Facebook informs me that GIFs can be fun and the best way to communicate. That’s why we started testing GIF support for posts and posts posted on a small percentage of Facebook pages. Let’s rate it, if it’s a great experience for people before they implement it on more websites. ”

If users hate them and they don’t work well, Facebook will remove them. However, if important ads and page posts drive business without disturbing people, all companies will soon be able to revitalize their news area.

TalktoWendys Survey

Wendy’s is very much aware that to be the best in the world, they need to fulfill each and every expectation of the customers. Thus, they have introduced the TalktoWendys Survey to make sure that they are providing the best services and the best food to all the customers visiting their premises.

TalktoWendys Survey is of the people, for the people, and by the people. This survey is open to all the customers who have enjoyed the services of Wendy’s at least once. TalktoWendys is one of the most incredible efforts by Wendy’s management team to interact with its customers directly and analyze their services and products.

Wendy’s ensure that they will analyze each and every opinion received in the TalktoWendys  Survey and will work upon the same in the best possible way.

If Facebook is smart, it will be very aggressive in how the news section treats these messages to maintain the user experience. If they still receive negative comments because they are spam or hidden, they should be removed from the source.

GIFs are the visual equivalent of screaming. You have to worry about the news or you prefer to stay calm.

I’m beginning to think that all of these Facebook posts recently put the site at risk of jumping into the shark. Every day OMG, Zuckerberg went to Wendy, she had number 2, what does that mean for Facebook?

Today’s news is about advertising and how the social media site uses all the important information it posts about you to sell crap. The times allow idiots to understand so easily:

It looks good and not arrogant at all. Sign me up!

You call it “social advertising” and if you believe what Zuckerberg said yesterday (and apparently everyone right now), it’s the wave of the future, whether you like it or not.

Do not do.

To be honest, I’m sick of advertising every time I take a breath. The same goes for Android or whatever. Wow, a cell phone that is so good that it can show me ads? How did I see it without? All of these efforts so you can buy a new widget that is only slightly better than last year.

Wow, now I’m just grazing. But yes, Facebook has a new personalized advertising system ready. The future!


Walgreenslistens clipping the sales of the tobacco

April 23 (Reuters) – Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. announced Tuesday that its pharmacies will sell tobacco products to customers who are at least 21 years old as of September.

With the increase in the “epidemic” in smoking among schoolchildren and schoolchildren, the US Department of Health. The USA has introduced new guidelines to restrict adolescent access to tobacco products.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his intention to introduce laws to raise the minimum age for tobacco products, including vapors, to 21 for 18-year-olds.

Walgreenslistens Survey at the official portal

Walgreens has introduced the Walgreenslistens Survey on its official portal to collect the honest and genuine opinions and feedback of the customers. This survey helps them to find their loopholes and work on the same in the best possible way.

This customer satisfaction survey makes sure that the customers are getting the perfect services and the products on their premises. Walgreenslistens has been one of the best options for the people to interact with the Walgreens management team and making sure that their feedback are taken seriously.

Walgreenslistens Survey has been one of the best and the most efficient tools for the Walgreens to provide the best quality of services and the food and make sure that they are the best pharmacy services providing firm in the world.

Walgreenslistens can be conducted on the official website This website is extremely user-friendly and easy to use for each and every customer of the Walgreens. You can conduct the Walgreenslistens Survey just within a few seconds. This survey hardly demands any sort of effort from you.

Walgreens, which operates 9,560 pharmacies across the country, has already been misused by the United States Food and Drug Administration for violating tobacco sales rules by selling tobacco products to minors.

A gunman who hit a Walgreens employee while trying to rob a Chicago retail chain was frustrated after the manager fought him until police arrived.

Benjamin Strong, 21, received bail of $ 275,000 on Sunday after police attempted to steal the lawn at 2400 West North Avenue shortly after Saturday’s closing. Hour.

At around 12:15 p.m., police spotted a 20-year-old employee with blood on his head outside the West Town store, the podium reports. The employee allegedly selected the employee and said, “He is robbing us with a gun, he is still there.”

Police believe Strong hid in the store before employees were locked up at night. DNAinfo Chicago reportedly quoted the employee after entering a warehouse, citing the arrest report. Police said Strong asked for money and pointed the loaded gun at employees.

After the Walgreens store manager saw Strong attack the employee, police said he had approached and subdued the potential thief while the convicted employee sought help. The podium says police found Strong’s manager “upstairs,” who held him when they were on the scene.

Police then found a third employee hidden in the store.

The injured employee suffered a head injury and was medically treated after receiving the sutures and discharged from a local hospital.

Walgreens filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Theranos, a disgraced startup.

The retail pharmacy giant valued Theranos at $ 9 billion and made its founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes a tech star. However, in October 2015, the Wall Street Journal revealed significant issues with the company’s brand-name product, which claimed to be able to perform 240 different tests with a single drop of blood.

Theranos vehemently denied the report, but other revelations continued. Nine months later, Walgreens left the company outrageous and promised to stop using its laboratories to analyze patients’ blood in its clinics. Theranos ‘valuation plummeted, seemingly destroying much of Holmes’ $ 4.5 billion fortune, mostly incorporate stocks, overnight.


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