Have you lied to your doctor at any point? Did you think about it later – like why you do that or what makes you lie about your health or thoughts? I have some findings for this.

Lol, some of the common questions include – how often do you exercise and are you taking meals on time or not. The main reason for lying is the FEAR OF JUDGEMENT. As per one study, almost 60 to 80% of the people have not been open to their doc about their health ailments.

The main reason BEHIND THE LYING is not to let the doc know how unorganized and indisciplined you are in real.

Now, apart from the health and the meals, patients have also reported that they have personally disagreed on many points s by suggested by the doc. Also, people have failed at admitting when they actually didn’t understand the physician’s instructions!

When I asked the people like why you didn’t open up to your doc, most of them replied that they didn’t want anyone to judge them or begin listing out their bad behaviors.

While on the other end, people simply wanted to create a good boy/girl impression in front of the doc.

What Makes You Lie To Your Doctor?

A deep and comprehensive study was carried out between the scientists of the University of Utah Health and Middlesex Community College in collab with the University of Michigan and the University of Lowa. They took a close observation between doc and patient relationship from an online survey.

The study showed that people who had poor health, at some point did hide certain aspects and information from their doctors.

Well, the main trouble with patients hiding the data is – the doctors won’t be able to solve the problem accurately. If you are not having a clean diet or you are missing out your medication, then you won’t get the desired results.

So, in the end – make sure that you are open to your doctors, and let them analyze and treat you quickly and effectively.

Make things simple and less complicated on both the ends.