In recent weeks, three of McDonald’s employees in Los Angeles have tested positive for COVID-19. This includes two employees at Crenshaw 2838 in West Adams and one at 950 W. Floral Drive in Monterey Park. These employees claim that management did not provide protective equipment and did not report the health status of its employees on time. These actions sparked protests at SoCal McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants across the state.

In a demonstration by labor rights organization Fight For $ 15, employees of Burger King, Taco Bell, Domino, and other chains called for safety measures such as masks, gloves, and soap, as well as unsafe wages and paid days off.

Angélica Hernández, a Monterey Park McDonald’s employee, said employees turned to management in mid-March and found that safety protocols and equipment to protect workers were missing. On March 20, three employees quit their jobs and accused management of not taking their concerns seriously. On April 10, other Monterey Park employees resigned and asked management to do more to protect their employees from COVID-19, closed the store for a thorough cleaning, and closed workers for two people. Quarantine Numbers. Weeks.

According to Hernández, management has not issued safety guidelines for employees since the pandemic began. In recent weeks, protest organizers said the anonymous Monterey Park employee continued to work on March 30, displaying symptoms before being asked to leave the company. It is unknown when the hospital worker tested positive, but a Fight For $ 15 spokesperson said that employees were only informed of their employee nine days after symptoms appeared.

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I have my children at home, says Hernández in Spanish. “You are not going to school now. Fear of coming home with a contagious disease. I will hardly work at all with the possibility of infecting my family. You will not care for the workers at the same time. We are at high risk of helping La The company will continue to operate in this crisis. We have to take care of ourselves. ”

West Adams McDonald employee Verli Godinez tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. Last week Godinez worked on this mask franchise. Another anonymous employee at the same store also posted positive results on March 31. Authorities accuse management of not informing them until April 4.

The government temporarily closed the site on Wednesday afternoon. The workers also requested a two-week quarantine allowance and a meeting with management to address safety concerns before returning to work.

Earlier this week, West Adams McDVOICE employees called for the same protection and compensation for workers. His protest was canceled by the police because the protesters blocked the entrance with their cars. “The strike and the challenge are to quarantine the company (West Adams), clean and disinfect the company I work for,” said Bartolome Pérez. “We also demand that they pay full quarantine. McDonald’s is made up of workers, not the CEO or the owners. Stop risking our lives and respect our dignity.”