GELmanicure is a health website run by Harvey R Burns and Shannon Burns. Both of them are working couples, and the true believers of Happy Living come from Healthy Living.

With the constant hustle of life, we tend to overlook our body. (Shannon here, just in case you know) If that don’t-care-my-body phase stays in for a longer time, you will notice it rightly in the next family pictures for sure. Or else, when your jeans don’t fit you anymore.

Yeah there are ample examples, still we don’t care sometimes…ever asked why?

It is tough for some, or the usual ‘no time’ excuses. I know the answer, the real answer – we are LAZY! (AF)

I experienced the same 2 years back, and I told Harvey that we should do something about it. We tried to control the diet, added some boring-tiring exercises (don’t want to make it sound exciting, face the facts!), and our BMI scores are on track. We feel more positive, happy, and healthier than ever before!

On GELmanicure you will find the sorted out exercises that will fit for all age groups, healthy yet lip-smacking recipes too! (Cheat meal hacks on Saturday, without fail too) Because, we need to have a balance right? Just make sure it’s equally balanced that’s all!

Let’s go then!