Facebook has refused to fill its website with catchy animated banners for a decade. Zuckerberg thought this could hinder and improve the user experience. After reaching ubiquity and getting users accustomed to video ads, the company said today that it is streamlining its standards and allowing companies to post GIFs in the form of ads and page contributions.

Brazilian brands Wendy, Kuat, and Coca-Cola are the first companies to share them. Wendy’s ad shows lettuce under construction, while Keats is essentially Nyan Cat’s Poptart memo of a punch to the face.

TalktoWendys on Facebook

Facebook GIFGIFF ads don’t show up in expired Facebook sidebar ratings, but only in the advertised posts that make up the majority of the ads in your feed.

The social network began helping GIFs with user contributions in May but did not allow companies to experiment with the modern graphics swap format that all children encounter.

Facebook informs me that GIFs can be fun and the best way to communicate. That’s why we started testing GIF support for posts and posts posted on a small percentage of Facebook pages. Let’s rate it, if it’s a great experience for people before they implement it on more websites. ”

If users hate them and they don’t work well, Facebook will remove them. However, if important ads and page posts drive business without disturbing people, all companies will soon be able to revitalize their news area.

TalktoWendys Survey

Wendy’s is very much aware that to be the best in the world, they need to fulfill each and every expectation of the customers. Thus, they have introduced the TalktoWendys Survey to make sure that they are providing the best services and the best food to all the customers visiting their premises.

TalktoWendys Survey is of the people, for the people, and by the people. This survey is open to all the customers who have enjoyed the services of Wendy’s at least once. TalktoWendys is one of the most incredible efforts by Wendy’s management team to interact with its customers directly and analyze their services and products.

Wendy’s ensure that they will analyze each and every opinion received in the TalktoWendys¬† Survey and will work upon the same in the best possible way.

If Facebook is smart, it will be very aggressive in how the news section treats these messages to maintain the user experience. If they still receive negative comments because they are spam or hidden, they should be removed from the source.

GIFs are the visual equivalent of screaming. You have to worry about the news or you prefer to stay calm.

I’m beginning to think that all of these Facebook posts recently put the site at risk of jumping into the shark. Every day OMG, Zuckerberg went to Wendy, she had number 2, what does that mean for Facebook?

Today’s news is about advertising and how the social media site uses all the important information it posts about you to sell crap. The times allow idiots to understand so easily:

It looks good and not arrogant at all. Sign me up!

You call it “social advertising” and if you believe what Zuckerberg said yesterday (and apparently everyone right now), it’s the wave of the future, whether you like it or not.

Do not do.

To be honest, I’m sick of advertising every time I take a breath. The same goes for Android or whatever. Wow, a cell phone that is so good that it can show me ads? How did I see it without? All of these efforts so you can buy a new widget that is only slightly better than last year.

Wow, now I’m just grazing. But yes, Facebook has a new personalized advertising system ready. The future!